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Wanda Lephoto - 2014
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The world seemed punctuated. I could smell the smells that more clearly, see the trees and actually see. It was as if had woken up from a deep cry, the type that leaves you feeling empty. It’s that emptiness that I wished would fill up and make me whole. It started  to seem to me that the biggest part of heartache was disappointment. There had been a few and as if the road stopped with nowhere else to go,I sat on that bench chair and realised that there was nowhere else to go. And as the punctuation eased in, so did the idea that this was where people seemed to surrender to the idea of stillness and peppered clarity. An optimistic nothingness. I sat and listened to the universal senses. This was all there was.

Writeup by @therealtumi (at Orange Farm)
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Brother Like No Other
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Brother Like No Other // @wandalephoto  (at Braamfontein)
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The only courage you need, is the courage to follow your passion. The love you give= The love you get.

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Themba - 2014
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Johannesburg - 2014
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